Welcome to 1stpickennels where we breed Bully Style American Pitbull Terriers.  We are a new kennel in the Southern Md area that breeds for the classic mild temperment. We breed for brick shaped heads and low rears. Our dogs are raised around children and other animals at birth. The main focus here at the 1stpick camp is the Razor Edge bloodline.  We're also introducing some Mikeland blood in the near future. No disrespect to any other kennel or bloodlines out there.  We will work with all respected kennels and bloodlines if we think the blood will compliment ours. We know there are many great bloodlines out there I just feel that the Razor Edge bloodline is the foundation bloodline for what we're trying to do here. I would like to thank Mena of Highlinekennels for helping me get started. 1stpickennels is owned and operated by Terrell Tiggle(Tig).  With all that said come in and I hope you enjoy the site. 

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